Interactive parts catalog functionalities
Components Engine is a complete software tool for creating interactive spare parts catalogs. It allows you to put the catalogs users in charge of parts look up and thanks to various search filters (e.g. serial number, part number, description etc.) enables users to easily find spare parts, add them to the shopping cart and send clear and precise orders.

Components Engine, compared to other software solutions, offers notable benefits in terms of efficiency, seeing as it enables you to attain the same result (interactive parts catalogues) in less time, using fewer economic and human resources.

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The main Components Engine functionalities are:
  • Graphics Editor to import and modify exploded drawings and parts lists;
  • Compatibility with company IT systems (ERP, PDM) (to manage both incoming and outgoing data;
  • Single source to create your online, offline (CD,DVD, Usb stick) and hardcopy format catalogues (PDF);
  • Browse the interactive parts catalogues through mobile devices and through the Components Engine App;
  • Various options to handle obsolete part numbers, product kits, discounts, additional costs and creation of different user groups;
  • Manage unlimited languages (including No-Latin characters such as Cyrillic and Asian).
Online demo
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New customer
Konrad Forsttechnik GmbH is one of the most important European manufacturers of forestry and harvesting machinery. Konrad has chosen Components Engine for managing its interactive spare parts catalogs.
3D parts catalog
Steinemann Technology AG has published its interactive 3D parts catalog online. Steinemann offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative sanding systems, as well as varnishing and laminating machines.
Online catalog
Vimek AB is the world leader in the manufacture of light forest machines for thinning. Vimek has published its Components Engine interactive parts catalog online.
New customer
Fava S.p.A. is one of the most important manufacturer of lines for pasta factories. Fava has chosen Components Engine for managing its interactive spare parts catalogs.