Online parts lookup - Why choose Components Engine

Components Engine is a software solution for creating interactive parts catalogs and it’s  intended to all the companies willing to automate the management and the sales of the spare parts.

Components Engine offers significant benefits not only to the company using the software, but also for end-users accessing digital spare parts catalogs created with Components Engine.

  • After-Sales Department: After-sales benefits have a direct correlation with the elimination of parts order management errors. This not only diminishes machinery downtime for your clients, but also reduces shipping costs and processing time for your post-sales staff;
  • Design Department: Design benefits regard the possibility to use a professional Graphics Editor, with numerous automated features for saving time through efficient drawing and parts list updates and management;
  • Documentation Department: Through the use of Components Engine, the Documentation Department is no longer dependent on the Design Department and is able to modify drawings and parts lists directly in the Editor. Spare parts catalogs are therefore kept updated and published autonomously in hardcopy format, as well as in interactive format on CD and on the web.

User benefits linked to the use of spare parts catalogs created with Components Engine are directly related to the ease of catalogue viewing and product ordering

  • Viewing: Clients have constant access to updated catalogues in various formats (hardcopy, CD, on the web). In addition, the “Multicatalogue Viewing” feature enables clients to retrieve complete product documentation (Instruction manuals, Maintenance guides, Video clips, etc.) from the unique Components Engine source;
  • Ordering: Clients also benefit during the order process. Through a set of pre-set search filters (description, code, serial number, validity date, etc.), your client will easily find necessary spare parts, add them to the shopping cart and send the order by email, fax, or save for future use.