Digital Sharing
Matteo Bergami, Technical Documentation Manager of Fava S.p.A., will be with us at the Digital Sharing event to share his digital expertise.
Digital Sharing
On May 15th, Matteo Borghi will be presenting Annovi Reverberi S.p.A.'s new Technical Documentation Portal during the after-sales event.
Digital Sharing
At the Digital Sharing event, Cristian Scaglioni will talk about the cutting-edge Ocmis Irrigazione S.p.A. Service Portal.
Digital Sharing
Explore the insights of industry-leading speakers who will share their digital expertise at the event on May 15th.
Digital Sharing
Join us to discover which companies will be participating in our Revolutionary debate on new digital business models!
Digital Sharing
Explore cutting-edge business models for after-sales services at our event!
Participation in the FIMA 2024 fair
We are excited to announce that Elisa, from our sales department, and Irina, from the technical department, attended the FIMA fair in Zaragoza, Spain!
Key moments from the Agritechnica show trade
We are thrilled to share the memorable moments we experienced in Hanover together with our loyal customers during the Agritechnica 2023 show trade.

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