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Puzzled by Spare Parts Chaos?

Discover the benefits of using Components Engine, leading software solution for the creation of interactive spare parts catalogues!
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Publish catalogues on the web

Components Engine enables you to publish interactive catalogues online.

The creation of catalogues for Internet publication is completely automatic

Print your spare parts catalogues

Components Engine enables you to create and update your hardcopy spare parts catalogues.

Interactive and hardcopy catalogues are a perfect match

Distribute your catalogues on CD

Components Engine
enables you to publish your interactive spare parts catalogues and distribute them on any digital data storage device (CD, DVD, USB Flash Drive).

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Interview with Marco Bellentani MG2 S.r.l.
".... Of all the programs we looked at, Components Engine was the most flexible, the most diffuse (considering its significant presence both nationally and internationally), and the most modular (which enabled us to choose the specific features required to meet our needs without having to commission custom features). ...."
.... read the interview.  

Case Studies
Bombardier Transportation Italy: high speed spare parts
Bombardier Transportation Italy, part of the Bombardier Group, operates in the electromechanics sector in the design and manufacture of trains, trams, locomotives, railway signalling and safety systems.

The company employs approximately 800 workers in Italy, of which 600 at the Vado Ligure site and 200 at the Rail Control Solutions Engineering Center, in Rome.

Bombardier Transportation Italy manages its spare part catalogues with Components Engine.

When Bombardier Transportation Italy turned to Components Engine, they were using a different system to manage their spare part catalogues. The company decided to look for an alternative product, developed in Italy, able to guarantee excellent performance. Bombardier Transport Italy chose Components Engine. In just a few months, the company was able to transfer all materials from the old system to Components Engine and publish its interactive catalogues online.

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