Product specifications

Components Engine Start 6


Components Engine 6: Start Edition

The Start Edition of Components Engine allows you to:

  • Import and modify drawings in raster (JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, BMP) and vector (DXF, WMF, DWG, PDF) formats;
  • Import, edit, and update parts list data in .txt format;
  • Import drawings and parts lists (in .txt format) directly from pc directory folders;
  • Define the catalogue parts list structure by enabling text, numerical, html, image, document, price, and quantity fields, etc.;
  • Manage the product tree index with neither vertical nor horizontal limits;
  • Use custom product icons in the catalogue tree index;
  • Automatically recognize and create mouse-sensitive text in vector drawings;
  • Automatically add Hotspots to raster drawings ("Balloons" feature);
  • Automatically link numerical drawing references with corresponding parts list data;
  • Create multi-language catalogues (Components Engine is able to manage up to 22 languages simultaneously, including languages with non-Latin fonts: Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.);
  • Create multi-market catalogues (Components Engine is able to manage up to 22 markets simultaneously);
  • Create multimedia catalogues (by attaching files to your project in any format: documents, photos, video clips, etc.);  
  • Use the Components Engine complete graphics editor to group objects and text, add geometric shapes and text, zoom in/out, resize pages, etc.;
  • Filter product search results by serial number, validity date, etc.; 
  • Create and manage User Data Records and Groups;
  • Protect your catalogues with various levels of user access;
  • Open all CEP project files in exclusive mode;
  • Manage recommended codes;
  • Publish unlimited offline catalogues;
  • Browse offline catalogues with the free Components Engine Viewer and send orders by e-mail or fax;
  • Personalize the Viewer layout for offline spare parts catalogue browsing;
  • Use the Print Extension feature to create catalogue hardcopy print layouts. Create infinite graphic layouts, generate PDF pages as well as printed catalogues.

Components Engine Start Edition includes:

  • Add-in: Custom Viewer Settings;
  • Add-in: User Profile management;
  • Add-in: PDF file Import;
  • Add-in: Automatic Import.
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